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Galaxy is hybrid orchestral which combines epic orchestral with electronic.

Tianxia 3  天下3 DLC 2021 Soundtracks

Combined Chinese ethnic with orchestral, the soundtrack recorded strings and different types of Chinese ethnic instruments, such as Xiao and Zheng.

Ninja Must Die III 忍者必须死III Soundtracks

The soundtracks combines rock/metal, orchestral, and Japanese ethnic elements.


We recorded strings and brass, different types of electirc guitars, Xiao and Zheng.

TX3 DLC 2020 天下3剑心问道资料片 Soundtracks

This full orchestral soundtracks worked with Macedonian symphonic orchestra.

Watch the video for details.

Tang Dynasty 大唐游仙记 Soundtracks

Nominated by Hollywood Music in Media Awards, this soundtrack combines orchestral and Chinese ethnic elements.

We recorded strings, which you could see in the video. 

And we worked with Chinese top players and recorded several traditional instruments, like Pipa, Zheng, Erhu, Dizi, Xiao.

Eternal Arena 永恒竞技场 Soundtracks

Nominated by Hollywood Music in Media Awards, the soundtracks of Eternal Arena combined orchestral and ethnic elements.

Working with excellent orchestral performers, we recorded strings, brass, and woodwinds.

For solo instruments, we recorded several pluck instruments, such as mandolin, ukulele and acoustic guitar, which was really fun.

Demon Seals 镇魔曲(PC)

​Awarded by Global Music Awards, this soundtracks combines orchestral and exotic elements by adding different pieces of vocals and ethnic instruments.

Dragon Sword 龙剑

Awarded by Global Music Awards

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